Romain Roux, born to be an entrepreneur!
You can’t help but like Romain Roux. Possibly a little gruff, by his own admission, but this immediately disappears behind his loquaciousness, his joviality and his ability to listen to others. After dreaming of a career in finance, he ultimately chose a job that brings him down to earth every day. And he certainly is not complaining.
The fascinating success story of red wines from the southern Rhone
For several decades, red wines from Drôme and Vaucluse have been well-received by the public. Restructuring work began in the vineyards and is already reaping rewards with fresher, less oaky, palatable reds that consumers are embracing.
Casa Santos Lima: Portugal's standard-bearer abroad
Founded in the late 19th century, Casa Santos Lima is a winery that predominantly exports Portuguese wines. So much so that it is one of Portugal’s largest exporters. After being passed down through five generations, it is now in the capable hands of José Luis Santos Oliveira da Silva, the current CEO, a man who puts his heart and soul into advancing this family-run project.
Puglia and its wine revolution
Puglia is one of the regions in southern Italy which has carved out a reputation for itself in recent years for both its quality and its identity, drawing on a winning combination of both native and international grape varieties.
Prosecco in the pink of health
A combination of confidence and reticence, foresight and respect for tradition, Prosecco Rosé was born in 2020. The pink version of Prosecco, with its own regulations, joins existing white versions of DOC Prosecco produced since 2009, namely Prosecco Frizzante, Spumante and Tranquillo.
Beaujolais Crus: back in the limelight
For many years, Beaujolais was considered a cheap and cheerful wine, and was highly underrated. And yet, it is home to 10 superior growths or Crus which enhance this endearing wine region, that for too long has remained in the shadows of neighbouring Burgundy. Each Cru has a distinctive identity and the sum of their talents creates incredible variety, stemming from highly specific vineyard sites.
Mother Nature sets the trends
In South Africa, most new planting material is not being chosen on the basis of fashion or novelty but rather because it is best for local climate conditions – and climate change.