Italy’s no and low alcohol pioneers
In recent years, 'low alcohol' and 'no alcohol' wines have become increasingly popular. The combination of a consumer shift towards a healthier lifestyle and the growing focus on responsible driving has pushed the wine industry to innovate and offer lighter alternatives without sacrificing taste and character. The trend is one that Italian wineries have been keen to tap into.
How Portuguese wines have made impressive headway in the global market
Traditionally, a large share of Portuguese wines have been drunk within the country. But over the past few years, exports have been on the increase. From attractive price points to native grape varieties and an extensive product range, the reasons for their popularity in the global marketplace are legion. And Portuguese companies have set their sights on securing a prime position for their wines overseas.
Bergerac, Fronton, Gaillac and Jurançon: variety in a bottle!
It may well be overshadowed by Bordeaux in terms of reputation, but South-West France is just brimming with remarkable appellations offering unlimited flavour experiences. Still relatively under-the-radar, the appellations are very competitively priced and tick all the boxes for a broad consumer audience, both in France and overseas. We take a closer look…
Spanish rosés excel in export markets
Although some Spanish wine regions have traditionally produced rosés, there is no denying that the reputation of pink wines has never equalled that of the country’s reds or whites. But the winds of change are blowing, lifting the outlook for rosés. Increasingly, bodegas are embracing the huge potential for this style of wine, when it is crafted with care.
Bulgaria: a new chapter for wine
Change is afoot in the vineyards of Bulgaria, after many years of soul-searching. As the country re-emerges on the international wine scene, we take a closer look at the potential of its native grapes, which thrive alongside its well-established collection of international varietals.
The French beer scene sees a profusion of new brands and styles
Over the past few years, the number of newly-established craft breweries in France has grown exponentially. These boutique companies have joined a market cornered by the international behemoths and a clutch of long-standing breweries. The trend dovetails with new consumer patterns and has introduced products running the gamut in terms of colours and brewing techniques. We take a closer look.
Chile, the world for a market
The South American country is the world's fourth largest wi ne exporter and leader among the New World wine countries, fuelled by the export culture of its wine producers, the active role of export promotion agencies, and free trade agreements with more than 65 countries.